Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion Laboratory

Prof. Hyosun Lee


  • 22.06) Min-kyun and Wanhee joined the group as new undergraduate students. Welcome :)

  • 22.05) Eunbi starts combined Bachelor&Master program. Congratulations & Good luck!

  • 22.02) Jinho and Bongseok received the most excellent and the excellent awards, respectively, from 2021 winter vacation engineering research internship program. Congratulations!

  • 21.12) Taehee joined ANEC Lab as a new MS student and Bongseok, Jinho, and Eunbi joined the group as new undergraduate students. Welcome on board!

  • 21.09) Prof. Lee is appointed as Assistant Professor at University of Seoul, Department of Material Science and Engineering!


  • [Recruiting!] We are seeking highly motivated undergrad, M.S., Ph.D students to join our research group. Our group needs interdisciplinary background students to develop disruptive future technology. Students from other departments (chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, etc.) who are interested in ANEC are highly welcome! Please send Prof. Lee a resume (CV) or a transcript via e-mail! (E-mail: